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My son Daniel has been taking batting and pitching lessons at “Raise Your Game” for several months. As he is only 9 years old, I take him to his lessons each week and I am present throughout his instruction. In the time that we have been coming to ‘Raise Your Game,” I have become very comfortable with Owner/Operator Brian Martineau and his teaching techniques. In addition to observing Brian’s interactions with my own son, I have witnessed his interactions with several other students and have always found him to be a positive role model and a quality instructor.

I have been very impressed by Brian and I have found that not only is he extremely knowledgeable in the game of baseball, he is also very patient and professional in his instructional techniques. Brian has a very positive way of imparting his vast knowledge of the game of baseball while getting the very best out of my son. His attitude and demeanor are calm and reassuring which I feel are very important attributes when dealing with young children. My own son Daniel enjoys going to his weekly lessons so much that he recently asked me if he could use his own allowance money to pay for a second lesson per week (that’s a pretty big compliment coming from a 9 yr old!!!).   Brian appears to truly enjoy his work and has fun with the kids that he is teaching.   I have, and will continue to, recommended Brian to many other dad’s in my league.        




Dean Evans

President Orangecrest Little League




During the off season, I was looking for some extra instruction for my son, to keep him fresh between seasons. I was referred to Raise Your Game (RYG) through some other parents in my league, and thought I would give Brian a shot to see how my son liked the instruction. My son and I were very pleased with Brian and his coaching style and after my son’s first lesson; we decided to continue with RYG a few times per week. Brian’s coaching techniques focus on fundamentals and break down the mechanics of the swing, pitching and fielding. If you are looking for your kids to improve in any of these areas of the game, then Brian is the right man for the job!


I have managed and Coached in Little League for 7 years, and felt I had a good skill set in teaching the kids the fundamentals. As I watched Brian work with my son, not only did I see improvement in my son’s performance, but I also learned some new aspects to teaching the game, which I knew would help my team for the spring season. I also recommended Brian to several of my Major players, as well as other players in the league of all ages who have also used his services. During the season, when we were preparing for big games, or for extra focused work, I would bring in my whole team to RYG to help get them prepared. The extra effort paid off tremendously as my spring Major team not only won the season championship for our league, but we went on to win the District Tournament of Champions!


There is no doubt in my mind that Brian played a vital role in the success we had as a team, as well as the individual players that used his services and were willing to put in the extra effort it takes to become a champion. I will continue to send my son to Brian for that extra focused work that has helped him gain confidence and succeed on the field of play. As a team manager, I have known for a long time that my coaching staff and I can only do so much work with individual players, as we have to work with a dozen players at a time, and are limited by the amount of time we are allowed to practice each week. Raise Your Game’s individual instruction is critical to helping advance a players skill set and knowledge of the game. In a one hour session with Brian, your player can do more focused work than most players get in a week of regular team practice.


I cannot thank Brian enough for all of his hard work, dedication to the kids, and willingness to share his knowledge of the game. I have recommended Brian to many of the players and parents in our league and look forward to an ongoing relationship in the future.


Frank Rojas


Arlington Little League

Riverside, CA - 2011-2012





I’m really impressed with the way Coach Brian operates while in session with my son. He is constantly engaged with what is going on with my son’s mechanics and mindset, throughout the session. I have seen significant improvement in all aspects of my son Bobby’s game (Pitching/Hitting/Fielding). 


Coach Brian’s Attitude and Demeanor have been Fantastic towards my son; he shows great Baseball Character and Integrity. Brian Martineau is an outstanding Coach with the experience to back it up.


Raise Your Game (RYG) exceeded our expectations since day one; I would have no hesitation in recommending “RAISE YOUR GAME” to anyone that is looking to improve their child's baseball skills. We are looking forward to 2016 with Raise Your Game.   


Thanks Coach.


Robert Oros (Riverside, CA - (2011- 2019)




Arlington Little League (Riverside):

DISTRICT 24 - Champions 2012 & 2013 (Back to Back)


Victoria Pony (Riverside):

SOUTHEAST REGION - 2014 District & Regional Champions

SOUTHEAST REGION - 2015 District Champions

USSSA All AMERICAN - 2015 FarWest Team Member (14U)







My Son Steven Diaz comes to Raise Your Game. When we started Steven was just a average player, In 3 months of training Steven became an All-Star on the 10 yr old All -Stars out of Corona little league. We are so impressed with the way coach Brian explains the things Steven is doing wrong and he's able to make the adjustments pitch by pitch! thanks coach Brian


Steven Diaz (Corona, CA  2011-2016)





My son jake has be coming to Brian for 4 months,  he has improved my son skills on and off the field were he has taugh my son to believe in himself and always give a 100%! my son made the 10yr old all star team last year thanks to Brian. We will be with Raise Your Game for the rest of our life.  thanks Brian!


Ken Seaver (East Corona 2011/2012)

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